domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

4º ESO

Today, we are going to work on the Passive Voice and the vocabulary of unit 4.
First, let´s have a look at the parts of the house. Next, we will revise words related to furniture.
Finally, here we have an activity related to materials .

Now, we are going to practise the Passive Voice. To start with, have a look at this explanation. Then, change these sentences from active to passive. To continue with, do this short answer quizabout passive voice.After that, practise passive sentences with two objects. In this activity, you have to look for verbs in the passive voice. Next, read this text about the story of Coca Cola and have a look to the different verbs in the Passive Voice.

To finish with, listen to this story about apartments for rent and do all activities related to it.

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