martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

3º ESO

Good Morning!! Today we are revising the Past Continuous of verbs, but we will also make a reference to the Past Simple.
As regards the Past Simple, it is important to pronounce the -ed ending of regular verbs properly, so here you have an activity for that purpose. Next, listen to a girl talking about a visit to different cities in the UK and fill in the gap ith the correct verb.

Once e have finished revising the Past Simple, let´s continue with the Past Continuous. It´s not so bad!!!

Ok, first of all, have a look at this explanation of Past Continuous. Then, practise with this exercise. Here you have another activity for practising Past Continuous tense. After that, read this in order to understand the contrast between the Past Simple and the Past Continuous and do this activity about it. I´ am sure you did it well, so let´s try with this activity

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