domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

4º ESO

Hello again. After Easter holidays, we are back, and this is the last term of the academic year, so try to work hard because summer is near.

Today we are going to work with the world of computers and technologyTo start with, do this activity related to verbs about computers. If you have problems with vocabulary, try this dictionary .Then, here you have some vocabulary related to computers. After that, listen and read this article about Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft .To continue with, do this listening activity related to the search of a computer-related job. Listen and do the activities. Next, you have another listening activity about a job offer. Do all the exercises related to it. When you finish that, match the letters to the technical devices they refer to.
Do you know Apple? It is the house of Ipod, Iphone, etc. Have a look at this video where Lisa Simpson mocks Apple.
That´s enough for today. Enjoy the week!!

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