miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2020


Hello everyone. We are going to devote some activities to revise the different topics we have dealt with during this academis year.

 To start with, let´s deal with the contents of unit 5. First, we are going to deal with the word LOVE. Watch this video where different peopledesccribe what love is for them.

 Then, we are going to continue with this lesson plan. You are going to watch two films, and you have to answer the questions that appear in the lesson plan. When you finish,listen to this song by Ed Sheeran to learn a bit more. ( do not pay attention to French explanations)
 Here you have vocabulary related to love.Finally, listen to this audio and do the activities.

GRAMMAR Do these activities to revise conditional sentences: 1, 2 3
 In this link, you have lots of activities to reinforcce your learning.

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