domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

This is our last week before Christmas holidays. We have finished our exams, so let´s have fun with these activities related to Christmas time. Enjoy, and have a Happy Christmas!!

First of all, learn these words related to Christmas and find the differences between these two pictures.
Do you know what an Advent Calendar is? I´m sure you do, so try this activity to practise your memory and your knowledge about prepositions.
Next, do this quiz about Santa Claus. He is also called Father Christmas so, after that, try to complete this text with the correct answer. Then, listen to this story about children and the presents they want for Christmas.
In some English-speaking counrtries, it is also celebrated "Boxing Day". Do you know what´s that? Read this.
And now, let´s have some time for games. Try this one to help Santa sharing presents or this in order to make him thinner.
Finally, play this quiz. Enjoy!

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